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The skin healing remedy your skin craves.

15ml Omega 6 Healing Cream + 30ml Biomimetic Mineral Mist


Originally designed to heal surgical wounds and burns, Omega 6 Healing Cream is a rich hydrator and restores skin tissue using 100% active and functional ingredients. This potent formula is packed with omega 6 and lipophilic vitamin C, ingredients known for their skin regenerating and protecting properties.

We've paired it with our 30ml Biomimetic Mineral Mist, yours FREE with this offer. This electrically active mineral solution has a unique capacity for penetration, delivering its benefits deep into skin tissues and into the cells themselves.

Omega 6 Healing Cream Features & Benefits:

  • Stimulates the skin’s inherent regenerative properties
  • Speeds recovery from cuts, burns, and scars
  • Provides relief from inflammation and irritation following skin resurfacing treatments
  • Soothes and moisturizes severely dry and damaged skin
  • Softens and heals skin with fat-soluble Vitamin C
  • Deeply hydrates, brightens and firms collagen depleted skin




This rich, healing cream was developed to boost skin’s healing abilities and speed recovery time for compromised, damaged or severely dry skins. Originally developed to heal surgical wounds and burns, this formula features Cholesterol esters to help repair the skin barrier, lipophilic Vitamin C to support collagen production, and Omega 6 to deeply nourish, hydrate, and protect skin. 

This formula was created specifically with compromised skin in mind. Omega 6 Healing Cream is ideal for use following skin resurfacing procedures and any time skin feels chapped or chafed, sunburned, irritated, or damaged. Omega 6 will work almost immediately to help soothe and reduce healing time. It may also be used to buffer the activity of more intensive reparative products, like our 5% Retinol Gel.

Apply Omega 6 Healing Cream to freshly cleansed, still damp skin. Dispense half a pea-sized amount onto the palm of your hand. For maximum absorption, we recommend combining the Cream with 1-2 pumps of our Biomimetic Priming Mist and mixing them together with your fingers to emulsify. Massage into skin until fully absorbed. May be layered over other Truth Treatments products to provide additional moisture and healing support. 

For skin that is in the healing phase following damage or resurfacing procedures, this Healing Cream may also be used throughout the day to continually hydrate,  protect and nourish skin to speed recovery time.

To buffer the activity of 5% Retinol Gel, mix a small amount of Healing Cream with the Gel before applying.

Definitely. Omega 6 Healing Cream is ideal for use anywhere skin is chapped, chaffed, wounded, burned or irritated. Our formulas are potent enough to work anywhere on teh face or body, including tough-to-treat areas like the hands, neck, and chest. Simply massage into clean, damp skin for healing support as needed. It’s great for cuticles too.