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Pharmacist-Formulated Skincare for Real Results

My name is Benjamin Knight Fuchs. I’m a registered pharmacist, nutritionist and skin care chemist and for the past 35 years I’ve been developing pharmacy-potent skin health products for estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and my own savvy customers.

I believe that caring for your skin can be much more than cosmetic. I believe that caring for the skin is about the health of the skin. And that’s why I created Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R. Ph. Truth Treatment Systems™; to provide topical nourishment for the skin that meets the strictest performance standards.

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  • Hyperpigmentation


    Melanocytes are specialized cells found in the skin that are responsible for producing a pigment called melanin. This pigment is then transferred to other cells that move towards the surface of the skin, resulting in the characteristic coloration of the skin, such as tans and dark spots. In an ideal scenario, the pigmentation of the skin is uniform and consistent....

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  • Unlocking the Secret to Dandruff-Free Hair

    Unlocking the Secret to Dandruff-Free Hair

    The embarrassing flakes and uncomfortable itching associated with dandruff affects nearly 50 million Americans to one degree or another.  The most important thing to know about dandruff is that it is much more than unpleasant and cosmetically unappealing.  It is a health challenge and should be addressed as such.  Dandruff is associated with oily skin and acne and like these health issues, it...

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  • The Amazing Benefits of Chia Seeds You Never Knew About

    The Amazing Benefits of Chia Seeds You Never Knew About

    Remember the Chia Pet, well, the novelty toy from the 1990s is actually the end result of one of the best sources of digestive and nutritional support you can ever use!   Chia seeds are loaded with B-vitamins, minerals and essential fat and they’re a great source of estrogen-balancing and blood-sugar-lowering fiber. If you add ½ a cup of chia seeds to...

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