Boost Blood Flow and Get Glowing with Vitamin C!

February 28 2017 – Benjamin Fuchs

Boost Blood Flow and Get Glowing with Vitamin C!

Boost Blood Flow and Get Glowing with Vitamin C!

Does Blood Flow Boost with Vitamin C?

Winter’s almost over and as it exits we can say goodbye to the season’s cold, dry air and parching indoor heating that can leave our skin dry, our lips crackly and our complexion looking sallow and fatigued.

Winter Skin Woes: Confronting Cold-Induced Skin Challenges

There’s actually a biological reason for that wan-winter look. Our bodies are built to survive the cold. When the temperature drops our blood vessels constrict and blood flow is reduced to the skin and to our extremities and is shunted to vital organs to keep them insulated and protected.  And while this may be a smart survival system, it also likely results in icy hands and feet along with pale, blotchy and puffy-looking skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C's Circulatory Magic: Enhancing Blood Flow and Radiance

To improve circulation to the face and get glowing during skin-fatiguing February and all year round, try engaging in aerobic activity that gets your heart pumping and blood circulating. Aim for at least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week. You can also massage skin gently every night for a few minutes when you apply your skincare product, preferably one with vitamin C.

Nurturing Skin Vitality: Hydration, Nutrients, and Resilience

Vitamin C has been proven to maintain the tone of blood vessels and promote good circulation. It also conquers other winter skincare woes. For example, vitamin C is noted for helping to prevent trans-epidermal water loss and to stimulate the skin’s natural moisturizing functions to help combat and ease dryness, creating a firmer, dewier look and feel. Not to mention Vitamin C’s proven fine line and wrinkle-fighting powers.

Even if you feel less thirsty during the colder months, keep drinking plenty of water, at least 4 glasses a day. H20 plays a major role in healthy blood circulation and is crucial for maintaining vibrant, youthful skin.  And because skin-hydrating moisture is trapped and bound in the collagen matrix use connective tissue building hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and bone broth.  These nutritional tips will help soften and plump cartilage. If you’re dealing with arthritis, they will help improve the elasticity and resilience of your blood vessels. And you’ll notice they contribute to a smoother, brighter and more even-toned complexion.