How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

August 16 2019 – Ben Fuchs

How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Sunlight, in safe amounts of exposure, is actually good for your skin—it triggers the synthesis of vitamin D, which causes immune cells to travel to the outer layers of the skin to protect and help repair skin damage. However, unsafe sun exposure can lead to detrimental effects on your skin and body including inflammation, wrinkles, changes in skin thickness  and skin cancers. In this post, we’ll reveal three key ways for preventing sun damage to keep your skin at its healthiest.

1. Arm your skin with a topical sunblock (not sunscreen). Sunscreens chemically alter the sun’s harmful UV radiation, and are thereby all toxic—especially sunscreens that block UVB rays. In contrast, sunblock literally blocks UV rays by forming a physical shield to protect your skin. When choosing a sun protection product, look for a sunblock made of zinc oxide in combination with antioxidants like Vitamin C and E.

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2. Protect your skin with good nutrition. Internally, you can help build up protective molecules for your skin by eating highly pigmented vegetables—the deeper the color, the better! You can also supplement your diet with algae (think: spirulina and chlorella), bone broth proteins, sulfur, and glutamine powder. These ingredients will activate antioxidant production in your body, which will help prevent free radicals from damaging your healthy cells.

3. Reduce photo damage with high quality skincare products. While prevention is key when it comes to sun damage, there are also fantastic treatments on the market that help repair photo damage that’s already taken its toll on your skin. Some remedies to look out for include skin exfoliation, lasers, topical vitamin C and
 E, and topical alpha hydroxy acids. At Truth Treatments, we’ve formulated the best vitamin C serum on the market—our Transdermal C Serum, which is anti-inflammatory, reverses the signs of photoaging, and fades dark spots. We also offer multiple retinol products (like our spot treatment, 1% retinol gel, and 5% retinol gel) and a Collagen Repair Complex Supplement, which all help to correct sun damage on the skin.

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