Brianna's ElectroActive Bundle

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Brianna's ElectroActive Bundle


Brianna's ElectroActive Bundle

Truth Treatment Systems has collaborated with Brianna Stanko once again to bring you a unique limited time special offer to ElectroActivate your skin from the inside and out. 

Brianna's ElectroActive Bundle includes:

• Fulvic Cellular Repair Complex (90 Capsules) - Fulvic Minerals are nature's most effective and electron rich anioxidants shown to promote cellular health, regeneration and detoxification. 

• 2oz Peppermint Salicylic Cleanser - Is a deep cooling cleanser that effectively cleanses skin and is gentle enough for daily use. 

• 30ml AHA Energizing Mineral Exfoliator - Stimulates and energizes skin for a healthy, vibrant glow 

• 30ml Hyaluronic Mineral Hydrator - This concentrated, lightweight gel formula provides a high dose of Hyaluronic Acid for intense hydration and immediate plumping.