Energizing Exfoliating Kit for Ethereal Day Spa

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Energizing Exfoliating Kit for Ethereal Day Spa


Energizing Exfoliating Kit for Ethereal Day Spa

Targets: Dullness, Dryness, Dehydration, and Mild Discoloration

This at home treatment is the perfect refresher for skin, providing exfoliation, brightening, calming and hydration. The Rapid Exfoliation System is designed for skin in need of a gentle pick me up and also supports your in office peels and treatment plan your Professional Esthetician has designed for you.


  • Peppermint Salicylic Cleanser

  • Nutri-Prep Solution

  • AHA Energizing Exfoliator

  • Vitamin C Nutri-lizer
Cooling Masque
Omega 6 Healing Cream

  • Transdermal C Serum
  • Biomimetic Mist 



Transdermal C Balm utilizes the same premium lipophilic Vitamin C found in our serum in a rich, deeply moisturizing balm formula. The ultra-hydrating base adds moisture to and conditions the skin, making it perfect for dry, depleted skin types, and/or for use as a profoundly moisturizing nighttime treatment.

Apply Transdermal C Balm to freshly cleansed, still damp skin. Dispense half a pea-sized amount onto the palm of your hand. For maximum absorption, we recommend combining the Balm with 1-2 pumps of our Biomimetic Priming Mist and mixing them together with your fingers to emulsify. Massage into skin until fully absorbed. Don’t forget to work Transdermal C Balm into the lips and around the eyes as well - it’s the perfect skin healing treatment for the entire face.

Because Transdermal C Balm is developed with only 100% active and functional ingredients, a little goes a long way. Use less than you think you need - no more than a half a pea-sized amount is needed for the entire face and neck.

Both the Balm and Serum feature the same premium Vitamin C, so there is no need to layer the two. Many clients use the Serum during the day under makeup and the Balm at night to deeply hydrate. You may also use the Balm any time on lips and eyes to provide the ideal amount of hydration to those delicate areas.