Omega 6 Remedy

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Omega 6 Remedy


The skin healing remedy your skin craves.
15ml Omega 6 Healing Cream + 30ml Biomimetic Mineral Mist Ultralite ™ (Eco Plastic Bottle) 

Originally designed to heal surgical wounds and burns, Omega 6 Healing Cream is a rich hydrator and restores skin tissue using 100% active and functional ingredients. This potent formula is packed with omega 6 and lipophilic vitamin C, ingredients known for their skin regenerating and protecting properties.

We've paired it with our 30ml Biomimetic Mineral Mist Ultralite ™, yours FREE with this offer. This electrically active mineral solution has a unique capacity for penetration, delivering its benefits deep into skin tissues and into the cells themselves.

Omega 6 Healing Cream Features & Benefits:

  • Stimulates the skin’s inherent regenerative properties
  • Speeds recovery from cuts, burns, and scars
  • Provides relief from inflammation and irritation following skin resurfacing treatments
  • Soothes and moisturizes severely dry and damaged skin
  • Softens and heals skin with fat-soluble Vitamin C
  • Deeply hydrates, brightens and firms collagen depleted skin