Kelsey's Renew & Reset Bundle

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Kelsey's Renew & Reset Bundle


We are so excited to have partnered with our friend Kelsey Sehrt, The Modern Esthetician, in offering this skin resurfacing exclusive bundle.

The Resurfacing 1% Retinol Light is designed to regenerate skin, helping to turn over skin cells, fading discoloration, evening skin tone, blemish reduction, and smoothing fine lines. The Omega 6 Healing Cream will help moisturize, calm, and improve healing during usage of Retinol. Truth's Biomimetic Mineral Mist will help prime and boost penetration of all Truth Treatment products.


- Kelsey's Personal Review:
"I test out products to make sure we are offering the very best to our patients. When I tried Truth Treatments, I could immediately tell there was something special about the brand. The concentration of active ingredients is unparalleled! The product melts into my skin, giving it a radiance, I strive for."

Features and Benefits of each Treatment:

15ml Resurfacing 1% Retinol Light:

    • Resurfaces skin for a smoother texture, and more even skin tone
    • Supports cell turnover, reducing clogged pores and acne
    • Stimulates collagen and elastin production, improving fine lines and wrinkles
    • Formulated with fat-soluble Vitamin C to reduce irritation and support healing


    15ml Omega 6 Healing Cream:

      • Stimulates the skin’s inherent regenerative properties
      • Speeds recovery from cuts, burns, and scars
      • Provides relief from inflammation and irritation following skin resurfacing treatments
      • Soothes and moisturizes severely dry and damaged skin
      • Softens and heals skin with fat-soluble Vitamin C
      • Deeply hydrates, brightens and firms collagen depleted skin


      30ml Biomimetic Mineral Mist:

        • Polyelectrolyte and colloidal minerals stimulate skin cell activity
        • Supports overall skin health and improves healing time
        • Provides anti-inflammatory, antioxidant benefits and protection from ultraviolet and environmental assaults
        • Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acids, and Lactate promote water retention, softening and hydration of the skin and cellular tissue 
        • Further enhances the application & efficacy of all Truth Treatments


        Kelsey Sehrt, LE | Lead Aesthetician & Educator          

             Kelsey Serht is an Aesthetician, skin care coach and blogger with a passion for beauty, skin care, and the science behind it all. Kelsey has been featured by various skin care companies such as Lightstim and iecsc. Kelsey believes that skin care is more than just skin deep, and she applies her lifelong passion of aesthetics toward transforming her clients’ skin from inside-out, so they look and feel their best. Kelsey’s system is one of total integrations: effective skin care at the hands of optimal products, and routine maintenance procedures that will help build confidence from the inside-out. Kelsey’s aesthetician career has been spent working alongside board certified dermatologists, biochemists, and cell biologists, and the founder of and Amarte Skin Care. Working alongside the most elite, as and aesthetician and skin care expert, Kelsey has become a savant of cutting edge bioorganic ingredients, and the efficacy of Korean formulations. Kelsey’s extensive work researching and testing beauty products from all over the world and discovering which skin care products are clinically proven to be most effective, inspired her to create The Modern Esthetician Blog, where she provides informative, professional opinions on what’s paramount in skin care . Kelsey now coaches clients on what it takes to transform skin at any age through customized, result-oriented methods that are built to meet each individual’s skin care needs. Kelsey’s true passion for aesthetics led her to a position as an esthetician with a successful medical spa, where she specializes in pre and post-procedure skin preparation and rejuvenation. Kelsey is certified in dermaplaning, advanced medical-grade peels and resurfacing, microdermabrasion, oxygen and LED treatments. She has completed advanced training in a multitude of skin care lines with proven effective clinical studies. Kelsey lives in Redding, California with her family. When she is not in the office or blogging, she is most likely on a watching her children compete in a sporting event, camping with her family, or researching the latest innovations in skin care.

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