Just Say, “No,” to Lip Balm Addiction

December 11 2016 – Benjamin Fuchs

Just Say, “No,” to Lip Balm Addiction

Just Say, “No,” to Lip Balm Addiction

Winter is here, which likely means chapped lips are also on the way. So it makes sense to stash a lip balm in every bag or pocket you have and constantly reapply, right?  Wrong!  The truth is that slathering on lip balm like it’s your job can actually make chapped lips worse. 

Most conventional lip balms contain ingredients like menthol and camphor that may feel cooling on contact or have an uplifting burst of scent, but in reality, these formulations can be drying and irritating once the instant gratification wears off. 

In addition, traditional lip balms often contain occlusive ingredients (those that form an artificial barrier on skin) such as beeswax, plant wax and petrolatum, which we’re told, lock in moisture and lock out irritants. But repeatedly slathering on products with occlusive ingredients can trick skin into believing it is well hydrated so it stops producing its own moisture factors. This means your lips end up being extra-dehydrated when the product wears off, inducing you to apply more salve, which only causes more dryness, creating a vicious cycle of lip balm dependency. 

The best way to truly soothe and smooth dry, uncomfortable chapped lips is to stimulate the skin’s own natural moisture factors and strengthen its protective moisture barrier.  This allows the skin to hold in hydration and shut out irritants.  When skin works optimally on its own, rather than artificially through products, it can make profound and lasting changes.

Truth Treatments Omega 6 Healing Cream contains potently effective doses of healing cholesterol.  It acts like a “hydrating sponge,” attracting and locking moisture into skin. Additionally, cholesterol supports the protective moisture barrier and enhances the skin’s own natural moisture factors.  Cholesterol also activates the skin’s built-in Natural Moisture Factor or NMF (water-trapping sugars and amino acids). Omega 6 Healing Cream also contains extraordinarily effective concentrations of our moisturizing, stable, fat-soluble form of ester Vitamin C. It encourages healthy cell growth, boosts collagen and elastin production and safeguards skin against environmental damage.  Best of all you can use my Omega 6 healing Cream as an around healing balm for shaving cuts, minor burns and abrasion. The cholesterol, Vitamin C and Omega fatty acids improve the production new cells and fibers that are associated with the healing process.  And because the same cells and fibers that are associated with healing prevent the formation of wrinkle if you use your Truth Omega 6 Healing Cream daily your skin will look better too!