Slough Away Brown Spots and Splotches

August 17 2017 – Benjamin Fuchs

Slough Away Brown Spots and Splotches

Slough Away Brown Spots and Splotches

It’s the season of languid days at the beach and outdoor adventuring with bikes, hikes and kayaks. And also prime season for sun damage, especially dark spots, since excess sun exposure can cause the production of our melanin, our body’s protective pigment, to go into overdrive.

And while there are a handful of harsh ingredients, like salicylic acid and hydroquinone that say they can treat the problem, the truth is that one of the most effective sun spot brightener is also one of the simplest. It’s called exfoliation.

Here’s why it works. When we are young and healthy, our skin’s natural cell turnover is running full speed ahead, which means, there is virtually no accumulation of the surface dry, dulling, flaky skin cells that prevent it from appearing clear, dewy and vibrant.

With age, illness, trauma or chronic acne, our cell turnover slows dramatically so that these unproductive and complexion-compromising cells build up on the skin’s service creating rough patches, plugged pores, more firmly entrenched looking lines and wrinkles and darker dark spots.

And that’s why I am all about exfoliation-- either chemical methods, such as alpha hydroxy acids or physical ones, like non-abrasive scrubs-- to help loosen and remove those rough surface cells.  

But to truly fade those pesky brown patches we need to include retinol in our complexion-perfecting tool kits. This Vitamin A derivative is proven by decades of definitive research to catalyze the body to synthesize vital cells to replace the dead surface ones, resulting in lighter pigmentation spots and an overall brighter complexion.

Our Truth Treatments Retinol Gel delivers a full 5.0% of Retinol, the equivalent retinoid dose of prescription strength Retin-ATM , to bring you profound, visible and lasting results without irritation or a prescription. It also contains our premium, stable, fat soluble and non-irritating form of ester vitamin C that’s proven by decades of research to help it spur collagen and elastin production while safeguarding skin against environmental damage, and reducing the formation and appearance of dark spots.