Fats are Your Friend!

October 25 2018 – Benjamin Fuchs

healthy fats, skin food, beauty foods

healthy fats, skin food, beauty foods

Conventional wisdom has programmed us into believing that eating fat-dense foods and cholesterol is not a good idea. Nonetheless, from a biochemical perspective, when eaten unprocessed, these dietary substances are essential, quite healthy and should be enjoyed, not shunned.

Cholesterol plays a key role in the production of Vitamin D and youth and fertility hormones. And, dietary fats are important for healthy cell membranes, and for the performance of the brain and nervous system. Skin health is especially dependent on good fats. And, fats are nature's richest source of food energy.

Even the medical model is catching up to the fact that fat-phobia may be misguided. Recently, government researchers and physicians announced that cholesterol in eggs and other foods isn’t really so bad for us after all and according to the February, 2015 article in the Washington Post “…has decided to drop its caution about eating cholesterol-laden food…” calling the decision “…a move that could undo almost 40 years of government warnings about its consumption.” And, a study published in the January, 2015 edition of the Open Heart Journal concluded that the advice about limiting fat intake promoted by the mainstream medical model for the last 50 years "...lacked any solid evidence to back it up."

So, eat your cholesterol and healthy fats – eggs are great (yolks and whites), so is seafood and shellfish and don’t be afraid to use coconut oil and lots of salty, creamy butter when you are cooking. Don't be afraid to add unprocessed, unheated, fresh oils to your slightly steamed vegetables or your favorite salad. Even dosing yourself with 1 teaspoonful of a straight nutritional oil (evening primrose, macadamia nut, hempseed or flaxseed oils) daily can provide important health benefits.

…and, that’s The truth!