Pharmacist-Formulated Skincare for Real Results

My name is Benjamin Knight Fuchs. I’m a registered pharmacist, nutritionist and skin care chemist and for the past 32 years I’ve been developing pharmacy-potent skin health products for estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and my own savvy customers.

I believe that caring for your skin can be much more than cosmetic. I believe that caring for the skin is about the health of the skin. And that’s why I created Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R. Ph. Truth Treatment Systems™; to provide topical nourishment for the skin that meets the strictest performance standards.

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  • Food for Thought

    Food for Thought

    The digestive tract, a 30-foot marvel of mechanical and chemical bio-machinery, turns the 3 or 4 pounds of food that we eat every day, into us...

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  • Healthy Body, Healthy Skin

    Healthy Body, Healthy Skin

    One of the best ways to stay healthy slow down the aging process and support the immune system to prevent infections is to enjoy a workout. Can't make it to the gym? Not to worry, you can use the following exercises to get a workout at home, that’s almost as good as anything you can do at the gym.

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  • Essential Fats

    Essential Fats

    Despite its reputation, fat (the right kind of fat, anyway) is not a four-letter word. Fat is a critical, energy-dense nutrient required for optimal cell and biological function, as petrol is to a car. If protein forms the machinery, fat provides the gasoline. In addition to providing an energy source, fats: help improve the absorption of certain nutrients, act as...

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