LOVING YOURSELF: The Indispensable Mental and Emotional Dimensions of Good Health!

September 17 2018 – Benjamin Fuchs

Mental Health for Beauty and Health, Mental State for Beauty

Mental Health for Beauty and Health, Mental State for Beauty

While I am a chemistry and nutrition geek, I have a problem with the idea that all we have to do is use nutritional supplements and eat correctly and our diseases will go away. Now, for sure nutrition is an important part of maintaining physical well-being, along with stabilizing blood sugar and employing correct digestive strategies but just as important are our emotions and thoughts! And, the foundation of 
healthful thoughts and emotions is self kindness! 

You can always tell if someone is being kind to themselves by how they treat others. A loving internal dialogue will manifest externally as loving relationships and a healthy body while hostile self-talk will show up as relationships and a physical body that are out of ease.

Interestingly, lack of compassion and self-compassion are always rooted in insecurity, uncertainty and angst and the subsequent it is the protective posture that results in the defensive (inflammatory) response that is the ultimate cause of all disease.

The bottom line is physical health depend results from more than the physical; it's just as dependent on our thoughts and emotions. Be kind to yourself and others! It will reflect in your health and well-being!