Omega 6 Healing Cream


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Omega 6 Healing Cream




Originally designed in a pharmacy to support the healing of surgical wounds and burns, Omega 6 Healing Cream is a rich hydrator and contains active and functional ingredients that helps restore healthy skin tissue. This potent formula is packed with Omega 6  derivatives, cholesterol and Lipophilic Vitamin C, for  skin regenerating and protecting benefits. Great for lips, heels and other areas of dryness.

Surgeries, burns and scratches can leave quite a mark on your skin. Enhance and support your skin’s own healing abilities and address severe dryness and skin damage with this multi-action, soothing, moisturizing cream.

Ideal for: Dry, chapped, chafed, irritated skin, post-procedure skin, wound and burn repair


  • Contains ingredients that stimulate the skin’s inherent regenerative properties, helping to accelerate recovery from cuts, burns, scars and sunburn.
  • Provides relief from irritation following skin resurfacing treatments.
  • Soothes and moisturizes severely dry and damaged skin.
  • Softens and heals skin with fat-soluble Vitamin C.
  • Deeply hydrates, brightens and firms collagen depleted skin.


Use a level spoonful to dispense "The Perfect Dose". Apply to clean, damp skin, ideally prepped with our Biomimetic Mineral Mist. May be applied over other Truth Treatment formulas to enhance moisturization. Highly recommended for post-care procedures including chemical peels, laser treatments, microneedling and surgery.


Jojoba Esters, Octyldodecyl Oleate, Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Ethyl Palmitate, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, C10-30 Cholesterol/ Lanosterol Esters, Behenyl Olivate, Amber Resin.


Please maintain product in environments cooler than 78 degrees, for it may melt. If product will be exposed to temperatures greater than 78 degrees for longer than 1 hour, please refrigerate.