Hyaluronic Acid

Posted on August 19 2016

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid, is a fascinating sugar-like substance and a natural component of the skin’s lower layers, that can hold thousands of times its weight in water!  This gives it some notable anti-wrinkle effects and its presence allows the skin to be strong and flexible

Unfortunately, HA in topical products is more sizzle than steak.  The epidermal upper layer repels hyaluronic acid at best you’ll get some superficial softening of the dead skin cell surface

The best way to take advantage of HA’s skin health effects is to eat it. Hyaluronic acid is found veggies including asparagus, avocados, broccoli, and soy.  It’s also abundantly concentrated in animal tissue and readily dissolved in soups made with bones and cartilage.  You can also use HA capsules, which are readily available and inexpensive.  You don’t need much; many people notice skin firming anti-aging and healing benefits by using 200-400 mg a day.

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  • Isabel: December 10, 2016

    HI, Dr. Ben, it is Isabel, 48 years, and I am from a beautiful and small country, Portugal.
    I am so pleased, to have the opportunity to writhe to you; ( sorry my English ), but you have to know that you are a star to me, because, listening you, I have the answer to many issues that I had, or have.
    In my teens I had terrible acne, my face was disfigured, and as an adult the situation became better, just
    Now I am completely better, because I understood what was going wrong.
    I was in a very bad path, without knowing how to deal with it. Dermatologists, oh my God, …. It is better saying nothing…so bad. Thank you so much to spread thouse words of wisdom, and to teach us the truth about our health. I did not know nothing about my skin, and about my body…. But now, I don t spend money, and I don t buy the ideas, that the common medicine….
    But, since, I live in Portugal, is it difficult to me to buy your products, well, for me they are expensive, and,
    The taxes to send ….. I have changed my diet, my thoughts, and my life s perspective. thanks to you…

    So, thank you so much

    See you on YouTube

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