Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

June 30 2021

Hyaluronic acid has been around as a skincare ingredient for a long time.  Doctor’s and clever skincare professionals have been using it for decades. But recently, a flood of HA-containing product has entered into the marketplace and targeting non-professional consumers.

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Discover the Health Benefits of Cordyceps

Discover the Health Benefits of Cordyceps

June 21 2021

Cordyceps, the famous "caterpillar fungus" that feeds on the carcasses of dead moths, beetles, ants and other insects, has been honored as a healing phytotheraputic for over a thousand years. There are over 600 varieties of cordyceps, which was first recognized as a tonic when Himalayan yak hunters noted that their livestock became friskier after grazing in areas where the...

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  • Food for Thought

    Food for Thought

    August 25 2020

    The digestive tract, a 30-foot marvel of mechanical and chemical bio-machinery, turns the 3 or 4 pounds of food that we eat every day, into us...

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  • Healthy Body, Healthy Skin

    Healthy Body, Healthy Skin

    August 13 2020

    One of the best ways to stay healthy slow down the aging process and support the immune system to prevent infections is to enjoy a workout. Can't make it to the gym? Not to worry, you can use the following exercises to get a workout at home, that’s almost as good as anything you can do at the gym.

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  • Essential Fats

    Essential Fats

    February 11 2020

    Despite its reputation, fat (the right kind of fat, anyway) is not a four-letter word. Fat is a critical, energy-dense nutrient required for optimal cell and biological function, as petrol is to a car. If protein forms the machinery, fat provides the gasoline. In addition to providing an energy source, fats: help improve the absorption of certain nutrients, act as...

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  • New Year, New You

    New Year, New You

    January 07 2020

    Well, it’s that time of year once again, New Year’s resolution time, and if you’re like most folks you’ll have at least one or two new habits on your list that you’ll start... ok, at least attempt to start  this January1st. The New Year’s resolution is time-honored practice, at least 4-thousand years old; the Ancient Babylonians were the first to...

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  • The Dose Makes the Difference

    The Dose Makes the Difference

    September 12 2019

    The Truth is: The Dose Makes the Difference. We say it a lot: Truth Treatments are Pharmacist formulated. But what does that really mean, and how does it affect your skin? Pharmacists formulate with a different mentality than cosmetic chemists. Cosmetic chemists take active ingredients and put them into a skin care base, like a lotion or cream. While the active ingredients...

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  • Why Meditation Is Good For Your Skin
  • How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

    How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

    August 16 2019

    Sunlight, in safe amounts of exposure, is actually good for your skin—it triggers the synthesis of vitamin D, which causes immune cells to travel to the outer layers of the skin to protect and help repair skin damage. However, unsafe sun exposure can lead to detrimental effects on your skin and body including inflammation, wrinkles, changes in skin thickness  and...

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  • the best retinol for your skin

    What Smart Consumers Need To Know About Retinoids

    July 25 2019

    If you’re interested in the science of skincare, chances are, you’ve heard of retinoids. But what exactly are they, and why are they good for your skin? Let’s break down the myths the skincare industry has built up around retinoids, and reveal the truth behind this superstar ingredient.Retinoids, a family of molecules that most people know as Vitamin A, possess...

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  • How To Choose an Effective Vitamin C Skincare Product

    How To Choose an Effective Vitamin C Skincare Product

    July 03 2019

    Vitamin C is one of the most important substances you can put into your body. In this post, we’re breaking down the importance of topical Vitamin C, what to look for in your skincare products, and why our Transdermal C Serum is the best Vitamin C skin care product you will ever use in initiating anti-aging for your skin.To understand...

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  • sunscreen vs sunblock, healthy spf, best spf,

    The Truth about Sunscreen

    June 14 2019

    Sunblock vs Sunscreen: Unveiling the Best Defense Against UV Rays What is the truth about sunscreen products? Since they feel relatively lightweight on the skin and don’t leave a greasy white residue behind, chemical sunscreen formulations dominate the U.S. market. They are also super cheap for manufacturers to make, although not for consumers to purchase! But the truth is that...

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