Slough Away Brown Spots and Splotches

Slough Away Brown Spots and Splotches

August 17 2017

It’s the season of languid days at the beach and outdoor adventuring with bikes, hikes and kayaks. And also prime season for sun damage, especially dark spots, since excess sun exposure can cause the production of our melanin, our body’s protective pigment, to go into overdrive. And while there are a handful of harsh ingredients, like salicylic acid and hydroquinone...

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Sunscreen: Natural is Nicer!

Sunscreen: Natural is Nicer!

June 13 2017

Since they feel relatively lightweight on skin and don’t leave a greasy white residue behind, chemical sunscreen formulations dominate the U.S. market. But the truth is that they are likely not doing us any favors.  Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV radiation to prevent it from penetrating skin. But many of the most common ones such as homosalate, octisalate, octinoxate...

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  • Trick of the Trade: Decode your Skincare Ingredients like a Pro!

    Trick of the Trade: Decode your Skincare Ingredients like a Pro!

    May 04 2017

    Choosing skincare that will address your specific concerns and lifestyle can be a tricky business.  With brands, forms, recommendations and endorsements knowing what product to buy can be an overwhelming experience.  And because of the dizzying number of ingredients used, making a wise decision on what to buy and use on your skin can be a daunting challenge. A typical...

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  • Turn Back the Clock by Healing Skin!

    Turn Back the Clock by Healing Skin!

    April 07 2017

    As time starts taking a toll on our skin in the form of lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness, many of us start turning to so-called anti-aging skincare to reverse the damage. But while some products may help temporarily improve skin’s appearance by adding a cosmetic sheen, or superficially plumping up creases, they cannot make significant changes because they merely...

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  • Boost Blood Flow and Get Glowing with Vitamin C!

    Boost Blood Flow and Get Glowing with Vitamin C!

    February 28 2017

    Winter’s almost over and as it exits we can say goodbye to the season’s cold, dry air and parching indoor heating that can leave our skin dry, our lips crackly and our complexion looking sallow and fatigued. There’s actually a biological reason for that wan-winter look. Our bodies are built to survive the cold. When the temperature drops our blood...

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  • Skin Looking and Feeling a Little Sluggish? Try Putting it on an Ingredient Diet!

    Skin Looking and Feeling a Little Sluggish? Try Putting it on an Ingredient Diet!

    January 05 2017

    According to researchers, 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. They’re a January 1st phenomenon as common as midnight kisses, bowl games and hangovers.  This is logical, after a holiday season of indulging in late nights, rich food and maybe more wine and eggnog than are completely healthy, you may wake up on New Year’s Day not looking and...

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  • Just Say, “No,” to Lip Balm Addiction

    Just Say, “No,” to Lip Balm Addiction

    December 11 2016

    Winter is here, which likely means chapped lips are also on the way. So it makes sense to stash a lip balm in every bag or pocket you have and constantly reapply, right?  Wrong!  The truth is that slathering on lip balm like it’s your job can actually make chapped lips worse.  Most conventional lip balms contain ingredients like menthol...

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  • In Praise of Cholesterol

    In Praise of Cholesterol

    November 26 2016

    While everyone talks about “good” and “bad” cholesterol, it seems like this waxy, fat-like substance that’s found in all cells of the body is pretty much considered the devil incarnate. But the Truth is that cholesterol is an important biological substance not only undeserving of its evil reputation, but arguably the most valuable and functional molecule in the body.  Cholesterol...

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  • The Truth about Retinoids

    The Truth about Retinoids

    October 25 2016

    Retinoids are the uncontested superstars of skincare ingredients. In fact, in the worlds of both dermatologic pharmacy and conclusive research, these Vitamin A derivatives, along with Vitamin C, are the only skincare ingredients that have definitively and repeatedly been confirmed to have skin-healing and anti-aging benefits.1  Numerous studies show that Retinoids normalize cell proliferation, stimulate the production of new skin cells...

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  • Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic Acid

    August 19 2016

    Hyaluronic acid, is a fascinating sugar-like substance and a natural component of the skin’s lower layers, that can hold thousands of times its weight in water!  This gives it some notable anti-wrinkle effects and its presence allows the skin to be strong and flexible Unfortunately, HA in topical products is more sizzle than steak.  The epidermal upper layer repels hyaluronic...

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  • Hair Is Dead!

    Hair Is Dead!

    April 22 2016

    Hair is dead! By the time the skin appendage has left its hidden home and birthplace in the follicle, and becomes a visible strand of substance, it is nothing more than a hard shell. Because this shell is largely composed only of dead cells filled with protein, the same stuff that makes up human fingernails as well a horse hoofs...

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