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Treat all Skin Health Issues from the Inside

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Does Your Moisturizer Really Work?

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  • Mental Health for Beauty and Health, Mental State for Beauty

    LOVING YOURSELF: The Indispensable Mental and Emotional Dimensions of Good Health!

    September 17 2018

    While I am a chemistry and nutrition geek, I have a problem with the idea that all we have to do is use nutritional supplements and eat correctly and our diseases will go away. Now, for sure nutrition is an important part of maintaining physical well-being, along with stabilizing blood sugar and employing correct digestive strategies but just as important are...

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  • stimulate skin, best exfoliator, best AHA, anti-aging exfoliation

    Power On Your Skin With Alpha Hydroxy Acids

    December 04 2017

    The skin sheds thousands of cells every minute in a process called "desqamation". In response to this loss of cells, activation and growth of new cells is initiated . in this way, the elimination of old cells turns on the production and development of new ones. Regular use of alpha hydroxy acids (e.g. lactic acid and glycolic acid) in cleansers...

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  • best vitamin c serum, vitamin c cream, best vitamin c, ascorbic acid serum

    The Right “C” Makes all the Difference

    November 06 2017

    While there are many different Vitamin C molecules used in skincare, they are not all equally effective. Here’s the lowdown on the various kinds of skincare “C “and their pros and cons. L-Ascorbic Acid (AA): Because it is inexpensive, this “C” molecule is the most popular one.  But since it is water soluble it is highly unstable and can easily...

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  • retinoids how to, how to use retinol, best retinol anti-aging, retinol anti-wrinkle

    Retinoids: Facts and Fiction

    October 18 2017

    The Retinoids, a family of molecules most people know as Vitamin A, are highly effective anti-aging and anti-acne ingredients. I have personally witnessed dramatic improvements in blemished skin, wrinkles, and fine lines as well as significant lightening of age spots, results that have been corroborated by many decades of scientific research and dozens of clinical studies.  Still, myths surrounding these Vitamin...

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  • connective tissue, GAGs, collagen and elastin, anti-wrinkle

    Stay Connected for Good Health and Great Looking Skin

    September 11 2017

    When we think of health, wellness and the aging process, most of us don’t think of connective tissue.  But the reality is 25-30 percent of the body is composed of this stuff that literally holds us together by supporting, separating and yes, connecting, the tissues, organs and cells of our bodies.  It comprises our bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, fascia...

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  • Slough Away Brown Spots and Splotches

    Slough Away Brown Spots and Splotches

    August 17 2017

    It’s the season of languid days at the beach and outdoor adventuring with bikes, hikes and kayaks. And also prime season for sun damage, especially dark spots, since excess sun exposure can cause the production of our melanin, our body’s protective pigment, to go into overdrive. And while there are a handful of harsh ingredients, like salicylic acid and hydroquinone...

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  • Sunscreen: Natural is Nicer!

    Sunscreen: Natural is Nicer!

    June 13 2017

    Since they feel relatively lightweight on skin and don’t leave a greasy white residue behind, chemical sunscreen formulations dominate the U.S. market. But the truth is that they are likely not doing us any favors.  Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV radiation to prevent it from penetrating skin. But many of the most common ones such as homosalate, octisalate, octinoxate...

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  • Trick of the Trade: Decode your Skincare Ingredients like a Pro!

    Trick of the Trade: Decode your Skincare Ingredients like a Pro!

    May 04 2017

    Choosing skincare that will address your specific concerns and lifestyle can be a tricky business.  With brands, forms, recommendations and endorsements knowing what product to buy can be an overwhelming experience.  And because of the dizzying number of ingredients used, making a wise decision on what to buy and use on your skin can be a daunting challenge. A typical...

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  • Turn Back the Clock by Healing Skin!

    Turn Back the Clock by Healing Skin!

    April 07 2017

    As time starts taking a toll on our skin in the form of lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness, many of us start turning to so-called anti-aging skincare to reverse the damage. But while some products may help temporarily improve skin’s appearance by adding a cosmetic sheen, or superficially plumping up creases, they cannot make significant changes because they merely...

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  • Boost Blood Flow and Get Glowing with Vitamin C!

    Boost Blood Flow and Get Glowing with Vitamin C!

    February 28 2017

    Winter’s almost over and as it exits we can say goodbye to the season’s cold, dry air and parching indoor heating that can leave our skin dry, our lips crackly and our complexion looking sallow and fatigued. There’s actually a biological reason for that wan-winter look. Our bodies are built to survive the cold. When the temperature drops our blood...

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