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The Case for Exfoliation

March 22 2019

Skin Renewal Series - The Case for ExfoliationHealthy skin has a natural cycle of renewal, which begins with fresh new cells formed at the lower levels of the skin (the epidermis) and proceeds with their migrating upwards to the stratum corneum, or surface layer. As these cells move upwards through the layers of the skin, they progressively morph into different...

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The TRUTH About Dry Skin

March 09 2019

Dry skin is an incredibly common complaint, especially during the cold dry winter months. The first thing people do when their skin feels “dry” is slather on a moisturizer, only to have the skin feel just as dry or even DRIER as soon as the moisturizer is washed off. Why? Because dry skin isn’t a topical issue - it’s a...

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  • Foods for Healthy Skin, healthy skin foods, beauty food

    12 Foods for Healthy Skin

    November 26 2018

    The Truth is …. our bodies are made up of the food we eat! While that may seem obvious, we rarely take this into consideration before we consume a meal. The fact is, what we eat ends up as our blood, bones, tissues, and organs. And, that of course, includes the skin. Like it or not, what we eat has...

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  • healthy fats, skin food, beauty foods

    Fats are Your Friend!

    October 25 2018

    Conventional wisdom has programmed us into believing that eating fat-dense foods and cholesterol is not a good idea. Nonetheless, from a biochemical perspective, when eaten unprocessed, these dietary substances are essential, quite healthy and should be enjoyed, not shunned. Cholesterol plays a key role in the production of Vitamin D and youth and fertility hormones. And, dietary fats are important...

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  • gratitude, mindfulness, healthy living, mindful living


    October 25 2018

    “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” ― Abraham Lincoln Life happens and whether we think an event is shit or shift, it’s only our perception and perspective. While it may seem obvious that an event, experience or circumstance is negative, there’s ALWAYS something positive we can focus on IF WE CHOOSE!...

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  • beet juice, juicing, skin food, beauty food, health food

    The Truth about Beet Juice

    October 25 2018

    Don’t like beets? You’re not alone; the Food Network reported beets in their Top 5 Most Disliked Vegetables list along with eggplants, turnips, peppers and broccoli. And, according to the website, the fibery, nutritionally-dense root is second only to the dreaded Brussel-sprout as the world's least popular vegetable. I'm not sure why that is, despite their unfortunate reputation as...

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  • Skin is a sign of internal health, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle

    Your Skin – An Important Window to Inner Health!

    October 19 2018

    Skin health is more than skin deep and almost all dermatological issues from accelerated aging to autoimmunity have their roots in the internal biochemistry of the body. On the other hand, a radiant countenance and a glowing complexion are not only signs of attraction and beauty, but are also a deeper reflection of overall health and well-being. The skin is...

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  • hyaluronic acid, skin health, best hyaluronic serum

    8 Reasons You Need Hyaluronic Acid Every Day

    October 08 2018

    Unlocking the Hidden Potential: Know The Remarkable Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid While it’s all the rage these days in the world of skin care, pharmacists and other health care professionals have known about the multiple health benefits of hyaluronic acid (HA) including its relevance for wound healing, bone building and eye health for decades.   First discovered in 1936, the molecule...

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    Treat all Skin Health Issues from the Inside

    October 04 2018

    Skin conditions can be a real bummer. And, to make matters worse, the topical products we rely on to treat these conditions, rarely do. That's because, like the liver, kidney, spleen, intestine and other bodily systems, the skin is a fully fledged organ and while it appears to be located on the outside, it's deeper layers are actually part of...

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  • moisturizer bad for skin, best anti-aging cream, best moisture cream

    Does Your Moisturizer Really Work?

    October 04 2018

    Despite our national obsession with beauty products promising to restore moisture to your dry, aging skin, the truth is most do little to change the condition of the skin. Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually on a wide variety of creams and lotions with the hope of restoring moisture to their skin. Even the most expensive and perhaps...

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  • Mental Health for Beauty and Health, Mental State for Beauty

    LOVING YOURSELF: The Indispensable Mental and Emotional Dimensions of Good Health!

    September 17 2018

    While I am a chemistry and nutrition geek, I have a problem with the idea that all we have to do is use nutritional supplements and eat correctly and our diseases will go away. Now, for sure nutrition is an important part of maintaining physical well-being, along with stabilizing blood sugar and employing correct digestive strategies but just as important are...

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    Power Your Skin On with Alpha Hydroxy Acids

    December 04 2017

    The skin sheds thousands of cells every minute in a process called "desquamation". In response to this loss of cells, activation and growth of new cells are initiated. in this way, the elimination of old cells turns on the production and development of new ones. Regular use of alpha-hydroxy acids (e.g. lactic acid and glycolic acid) in cleansers and toners...

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